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Our Design Process

DW Signs delivers a 4-phase approach to design excellence

Creating signage excellence through research, analysis and client collaboration

Working with businesses in Brisbane, North Lakes, Caboolture and the Moreton Bay region for almost 20 years, DW Signs believe that good quality design requires research, analysis and close collaboration with our clients to reflect an organisation’s vision, strengths, messages and priorities through signage solutions. To ensure that our design aligns with our clients’ expectations, we’ve developed a four-phase process to guide us every step of the way.

Our signage expertise involves more than just creating compelling signs and designs; the team at DW Signs also specialise in end-to-end project management of signage manufacturing and install, to ensure that our professional signage designs meet the highest quality standards, and our customer service is the best in Brisbane.

A locally-owned business offering expert services in building signage, indoor signage, promotional signage, printing and painting, DW Signs has decades of expertise delivering signage across all types of industries and we are ready to partner with you to bring your signage needs to life.


Phase 1: Research

Before DW Signs commences the creative process of your signage design, our local team will conduct extensive background research and will meet with you to understand your business and signage goals, audience behaviour and project expectations. Once our signage research is complete, we will provide a creative brief to summarise the results of our research and outline the signwriting project, along with a detailed manufacturing and installation schedule to ensure on-time delivery.


Phase 2: Design

Once our creative brief and initial signage concepts are approved, DW Signs creative team get underway with developing your signage design ensuring your brand and messaging are delivered with full impact. Typically, DW Sign’s creative team will explore several different creative approaches before presenting a key creative concept. Based on your feedback, we evolve these creative approaches into comprehensive design directions. As part of this process, DW Signs will deliver up to three creative signage concepts for our client’s consideration.


Phase 3: Implementation

After you have selected your preferred creative signage direction, DW Signs will begin design execution. DW Signs will produce draft signage outputs for your review, ensuring that your input is captured before any piece goes into production. When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare your design pieces for final signage production. We collaborate closely with any material suppliers to make sure that the finished product meets your expectations.


Phase 4: Evaluation

Following the installation and completion of your signwriting project, the team at DW Signs will follow up with you to assess the outcome of the project. During the evaluation process, our team are keen to hear not only your insights on our process and designs, but also any feedback you have received from your audience. DW Signs offers market research and data-gathering services including customer surveys that enable our clients to collect insights and gauge impact from target audiences.